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Research Goals

Biocatalysis reaching beyond conventional Paths

Project Duration 2007-2012 plus Extension till 2016

logo BIOKATALYSIS2021All the current research projects in the BIOCATALYSIS2021 Cluster are interdisciplinary cooperations between partners from business (major industry and SMEs), universities and research organisations. The research areas comprise stable enzymes, fermentation and process technology, also biocatalysis and active agents. Projects focus on the one hand on enzymes and new technology for producing them and, on the other hand, on the consumer products that incorporate them, such as detergents, adhesives, aromas, cosmetics and foodstuffs. The scientists involved and the industrial partners closely integrated in the projects see excellent market prospects in all product categories.

  • Biocatalysis reaching beyond conventional Paths
  • Novel or optimised enzymes
  • Development/intensification of process technology: biocata-lysis and chemocatalysis going hand in hand
  • Simplification of production processes: Replacement of multistage chemical synthetic processes by biotechnological processes (fermentation and/or enzymatic synthesis) thus eliminating various stages in production
  • Optimisation of product processing and purification as compared to chemical synthetic processes
  • Saving raw materials and energy used
  • Elimination and/or reduction of by-products and waste products



List of BIOCATALYSIS2021 Projects