Cluster BIOKATALYSE2021 – Nachhaltige Biokatalyse auf neuen Wegen
Neue Entwicklungen für die Industrielle Weiße Biotechnologie

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BIOCATALYSIS2021 – Sustainable Biocatalysis Opening New Paths

Project Duration 2007-2012 plus Extension till 2016

Based on a jLogo BIOCATALYSIS2021oint research cooperation between industry and academia the Cluster BIOCATALYIS2021, supported by the BMBF, is pursuing the goal of researching systematically the enormous potential of biocatalysts from microorganisms as to their possible application in industry. To achieve that goal the Cluster combines the unique expert knowledge of the academic sector in five Federal States of Northern Germany with the economic and innovative power of globally operating companies as well as medium sized enterprises throughout Germany.

The primary goals of the Cluster are the use and application of new biocatalysts achieving novel synthetic effects by subjecting them to unconventional conditions (extreme temperatures, pressures, pH values, concentrations of salt and solvents). The enzyme systems are to be used both as final products and in subsequent processes for the production of fine chemicals and active agents. This is complemented by the development of an innovative process technology under unconventional conditions.