Cluster BIOKATALYSE2021 – Nachhaltige Biokatalyse auf neuen Wegen
Neue Entwicklungen für die Industrielle Weiße Biotechnologie

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Industrial Biotechnology – Innovative Solutions for the Future

logo BIOCATALYSE2021Biotechnology is viewed by experts as key technology offering an enormous potential for solving problems in almost all areas of life. Industrial biotechnology (white biotechnology), in particular, using the great potential of enzymes or whole cell systems for the sustainable production of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical precursors, active agents of cosmetics as well as of technical enzymes and bio fuels is playing an increasingly important part. Thus, industrial biotechnology has the function of an innovative motor giving decisive impetus to numerous fields of application. This sector of biotechnology owes its strength to the interdisciplinary cooperation of chemists, biologists and engineers.

In order to further promote this business activity, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) initiatedLogo BioIndustry 2021 the cluster competition BioIndustrie 2021 in the autumn of 2006. The ultimate aim was to boost the strategic partnership between economy and science in general.


The winning clusters BioIndustry 2021

  • Cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021, Hamburg
  • Cluster CLIB2021, Düsseldorf
  • Cluster Biopolymers/Biomaterials, Stuttgart
  • Cluster CIB Frankfurt
  • Cluster BIOM WB since 1 October 2012: IBB Netzwerk GmbH, Munich


Press Release BMBF announces winners BioIndustrie2021, 27.6.07