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Inside BIOCATALYSIS2021 – Andreas Liese about specific Characteristics of the Cluster

Andreas LieseProfessor Andreas Liese has been the Strategic Development Coordinator for the BIOCATALYSIS2021 cluster since July 2011. Through his Institute for Biocatalysis at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) of which he is head, he is simultaneously a research partner since the start of the cluster in 2007. In addition, he has been Biocatalysis and Specialists Database Technology Coordinator developing synergies between the partners. Thus he combines an operative perspective from within the cluster with a strategic external one. What is special about the cluster in his view?

The cluster subtitle, Sustainable Biocatalysis Opening New Paths, already says what is special about BIOCATALYSIS2021. These „new paths“ have been the guiding principle of the cluster from the outset and all those involved are consistently following them in the cluster’s projects. There are three essential features that set BIOCATALYSIS2021 apart from other clusters. BIOCATALYSIS2021 is consistently interdisciplinary in its make-up, with everything from a conventional engineering firm or a plant manufacturer to a chemicals producer. On the one hand, the advantage of this is that the range of the resulting products and processes is particularly broad, promising considerable value added for industrial companies throughout Germany. On the other, this is reflected in the academic groups within the cluster. Here engineers come up against bioinformaticians, chemists and biologists, for example.

That brings us to what is certainly the second essential feature, the PhD students who leave the cluster as graduates. They all receive an education within the cluster that is unique. They learn to communicate in an interdisciplinary fashion. Specialists are trained here, who are able to see the bigger picture and who have learned to understand and assess potential solutions offered by other disciplines. A total of four BIOCATALYSIS2021 summer schools provided further support for this training.

The third feature is perhaps a result of the firrst two. The cooperation between the cluster partners is particularly trusting and is founded on communication that works – by no means something that can be taken for granted in cooperation between science and business. It is the basis for the great creative power that this cluster has developed. And it is the basis for new, joint ideas for further support measures. It is not without reason that the cluster has already generated three new initiatives that are in preparation.

Looked at in its entirety, BIOCATALYSIS2021 is generating value added in many ways. A cluster is like a bank account containing ideas instead of money. The ideas become processes and products. They not only deliver a return on the investment, they improve our daily lives, our society and our health. Our know-how is our capital which enables us to flourish. For that reason we have to carry on treading new paths in order to increase our capital.The follow-up projects of the cluster that have already begun, are based on established consortiums and show us that we are on the right track.

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